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Eco Friendly Gifts


My favorite color that's not a color. I LOVE love LOVE black. Black gives a resting space for the other colors to shine. Not like white does, acting as a neutral, black acts as a stimulant to the other colors- it's a pedestal to the rainbow and creates drama for whatever is next to it. Black is necessity. It lifts the other colors and patterns.

Here's some gifts in black that you can feel good about gifting.



Water Bottle 

90% Recycled stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, silicone rubber and ocean-bound plastic. All materials are fully recyclable.

Reusable Bag ♺

Packable, lightweight and made from 100% recycled water bottles. Skip the plastic with style.


Sunglasses ♺ 🌱

Made from grass (yeah, not a typo) and recycled plastic bottles to create durable, stylish sunglass frames.


Black Apron 

55% certified organic cotton, 45% recycled polyester- let's celebrate the cooks in our lives like they deserve!

Art ✔️

Can we please always gift art? Sharing creativity is a gift in itself. I'm always on the hunt for original art that doesn't break the bank. What a special sentiment to the artist and to the recipient. Side note on this art (because my whole life is one big side note), I have a piece (see below), as it turns out, there's a connection to the company where he is Creative Director-- I had bought a vintage Poloroid from them. My art piece came with a type-written (yeah, you read that right- old school typewriter) letter, and hand-signed note that was personal and thoughtful, connecting his art to my world of throwsl. The world is small- let's keep it that way- BUY ART!

Weekender Bag

I've been wanting to buy something from this company, simply because I want to touch their products. They just seem like they'd just feel cool. Made from WASHABLE PAPER (whaaa? I know! Now you wanna touch it!) Eco friendly, family operated company out of Italy. I want in-- and I'm up for adoption, my Italian name is Talia, I can be there tomorrow.

Happy Habitat Mod Leaf Throw ♺ ✔️

So many black throws-- because by now you know how I feel about black. Showing Mod Leaf here because I like the contrast of a soft organic shape with the starkness of black and white.

The Noir 29  🌱 ✔️

Okay, so it's not actually black but the name is. My personal fragrance. They're more known for their Santal scent- which is fab, but Noir 29 is a rich mysterious scent that is my go-to. 

Organic Tee 🌱

"Inclusive. Sustainable. Impactful. Our Organic Tee is made from 100% organic cotton. It's designed for ALL: gender-neutral cut with extended sizing." Bonus: They give a book to a child for every purchase!

Black Bedroom
Black Eco Friendly Bedding
Bonus Black: Recycled Linen Sheets and Organic Sham + Our very own Moonpie Eco Throw.
Have them, love them. ✔️♺🌱

As a reminder: our gift guide is inspired by: social consciousness and eco-friendliness. Many are personal products that I have tried and love (✔️) Responsible businesses making beautiful products. Opinions are my own- there is no compensation just sharing the good stuff.

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