The Story

The girl behind the throws.

The puzzle pieces were always there: an innate love for color, pattern, and textiles, 2 parents who ran small businesses, and a drive for curiosity, independence and freedom. It was just uncertain how it would all weave together.

Fate would lead me through shuffling papers for an advertising agency, ending up with a degree in Spanish, having two beautiful children and traveling before getting laid off and finding myself in a pivotal position. I could get just another job, or I could do something amazing.

While my kids napped, I spent a ridiculous amount of time channeling what I learned from past experiences, googling how to run a business, YouTubing how to use graphic design programs and trying ideas and failing and trying again and again. Eventually the cosmic sprinkles landed and Happy Habitat Throws were born: eco-friendly, functional art. It felt right.

A decade later, putting passion for design and ethical business first has proven to sustain my kids and me in ways I never could have imagined. I'm grateful for this path, and glad you are here too!

🖤 Karrie

Woman Owned Business Small Business Entrepreneur Karrie Dean of Happy Habitat