Cozy Cocktails to Enjoy Fake-Fireside

Pools and beaches are a happy memory at the moment, as winter’s dropping on KC. For all of us who live with changing seasons, we focus on the joys that come with cold weather.

Don’t we Karrie? Karrie?? Yeah. Well. Karrie likes warm weather, period, the end.

Maybe that’s why she loves blankets so much. They’re fantastic winter-fighters. So are warming drinks in cozy spaces.

Karrie and I thought it would be interesting to venture beyond the usual one-ingredient drinks (i.e. rosé or beer) we keep in our refrigerators and try our hand at making a few real-live cozy cocktails.

We laughed that unlike baking a cake, you can totally adjust these recipes to taste as you go. And one of them was totally infallible. (Horchata Cha Cha, I’m looking at you.) Mostly because each ingredient in that one was chugworthy on its own.

winter drinks

Drinks on tray, we ducked under low attic beams and entered the secret door that leads to my writing sanctuary. We grabbed a few of the throws I keep stacked and ready for inspiration naps, and curled up on the floor in front of my super awesome fake fireplace.

You guys, I don’t care where you live, get a fake fireplace and you will be 32%-53% happier every time you turn it on, I’m telling you the truth.

Coziness, catching up, and we even remembered to write down the recipes we liked best. Winter’s looking better all the time.

If you too want to offer friends something swankier than a beer or glass of wine next time they’re over, consider sharing one of these lovely libations. If we can do it, so can you!

Although I won’t judge Karrie if she points me toward the open bottle of rosé in the fridge next time I’m over.

And now here are our recipes (using that term loosely) as described by karrie:

Konichiwa, Eh? - Japanese Whiskey Meets Canadian Maple

Pretty much equal parts (or adjust to taste) Japanese whiskey (we used Iwai), Canadian maple syrup and lemon juice. Shake it with ice, then strain. And because we’re just all over the map and had to use the hotei buddhas, we added Italian Luxardo cherries.

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