Karrie Asks Amy to Write a Little Something for Valentine's Day

“You worked at Hallmark. Did they really invent Valentine’s Day?”

“Would it be so bad if they did?”

“Nah, I’m cool with a day for celebrating love. Celebrating birth is good, too. Birth and love.”

“What about secretaries? They deserve a day.” 

“I don’t really make ‘secretary’ throws.”

“I don’t want to see your birth throws.”

“Let’s stick with love. Talk about love. Including moms and brothers and best friends. What’s wrong with celebrating anyone you love on Valentine’s Day?”

“There’s nothing wrong with celebrating anyone you love on Valentine’s Day. And there’s no better way to celebrate someone you love than with a cozy throw.”

“Now you sound like a copywriter.”

“I am a copywriter.”

“I think I’m gonna use a picture with a threesome. It’s cute.”

“Sounds good.” 

“What else?”

“I can give people a few ideas for gift messages.”

“Great. Not too sappy, please. You know I hate sappy.”

“Got it . . . Hey Karrie?”


“I love you.”

“[ha!] I love you too.”

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