Think Outside the Box of Chocolates

Maybe you’re “in a relationship” this Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re not. But V-Day is the perfect time to take inventory of all the badass people in your life, even the ones who don’t see you naked. Who else do you love? How do you support each other in this crazy world? 

Many of us have learned a lot in the last year about who our ride-or-dies are, and the answers have sometimes surprised us. Surprise that person back with a gift that hugs them for you until the next time you can do it yourself. Yes, I’m talking about a throw. Cards are also wonderful. Karrie and I support all the love, with all the people, in all the ways you want to show it.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on what to say this Valentine’s Day. (We’ve suggested certain relationships, but you know your people.)


For Mom

Valentine’s Day is all about love. And Mom, it would be pretty hard to think of anyone I love more than you.
Big big hugs, me
Mom, I haven’t gotten to hug you as much lately as I would like, so this nice throw has offered to pick up the slack between hugs.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Hey Mom! You’re the best on Valentine’s Day and every day. Thanks for listening to all my stuff, and usually not judging me for it. Love you and you know it.
I picked this out for you because it’s warm and snuggly. Like my mom. Happy Valentine’s Day!

For Brother

Hey bro, I think it’s kinda unfair that men are always expected to shower girls with tokens of affection all the time. Here’s one for you. Just cuz I love ya. Happy Valentine’s Day!
My dear sweet brother, not only do I love the hell out of you, but also your house could use a touch more style. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Valentine’s Day got me thinking about the people I love, and there you were. Love you, brother!
I saw this and thought of you. It’s ruggedly handsome, very comforting and made for laying around on the couch. Happy Valentine’s Day!

For Sister

You know how I used to borrow your clothes when we were little? And sometimes, sort of, ruin them? Well Happy Valentine’s Blanket! Thanks for always being patient with me. Love you tons! 
Valentine’s Day can suck it. This year I’m sharing the love with someone I’ve always been able to count on. Love you, sis!

For Bestie

Men/Women are fleeting, but you and me are forever.
I love you on Valentine’s Day and every day!
I chose the ultimate Netflix and chill buddy for you. I hope you love it, cuz I love you.
Happy Valentine’s Day! 
Since the couch has become our new favorite accessory, I thought you might like to mix it up with this beauty. Can’t wait til we’re back to happy hour-ing together. Happy V-day, honey!
I straight up love you.
And that’s what Valentine’s Day is about.
Thanks for you!"
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