Scorpio Season: Going Dark in the Bedroom

Scorpio with a double side of libra means I like to go dark and deep and revel in the mystery and curiosities of life, but stay balanced and not dwell in the underworld for too long. To embrace my powerful season in the sense of design and decor we will leave the surface and go below to something a little more thought provoking- while keeping things light at the same time. How does that translate to a throw? Let’s uncover the black bedroom…

Black makes for a dramatic backdrop and makes Happy Habitat the shining star of the room, with a little dose of whimsy (the squiggly headboard) and enough crisp white the room doesn't feel heavy or brooding. Maybe it's a Scorpio thing, but dark to me isn't somber or gloomy, instead it's passionate and moody, in a good way. I like the darkness, and believe it's not negative-- I like to sit in the shadows, but I'm still laughing along the way (just realizing now that makes me sound like a total psycho). I know it's not for everyone. Some folks prefer beige and grey and to take the middle road, to stay neutral. Other folks prefer to stay in the light and bright all day and night. Not me- while I do prefer a sunny blue sky day, when it comes to my room, I like a profound sleep with unlimited dreams encompassed in what feels secure and warm to me. My mom politely said 'it's not my favorite', and that's okay, it's not for everyone. It's my favorite and that's what's important. To me a boudoir should feel intimate like a place of refuge- a true sanctuary for oneself, and for me, being wrapped up black feels like my safe place. (or maybe it's the blankets!?) 

So-- to balance all the dark and black (hello Libra venus and moon signs) in the bedroom, I had fun playing with some throw and bedding options. The thoughts were all about taking the edge off and giving an opposite contrast to the black-- so the design concepts were that the textiles should be: colorful, bright, warm, lighthearted and fun. All against the drama of the enveloping black. I think you can see how these elements all come to play here. I'm excited to keep exploring, but happy already with these options! Which one is your favorite? Can you guess which is my fave?

Black but Cheerful Bedroom

Modern Red Throw in Moody Black Bedroom
Photography by Heather Morrow Photo

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  • Honey and Ace

    Karrie, you look stunning in red !

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