Every Day is Earth Day at Happy Habitat!


It’s easy being green at Happy Habitat! One simple principle we’ve adopted is to ask the question: what is the earth friendly way?

🌳 Is a paper receipt necessary? Nope, our invoices, orders and receipts are all processed via web.

💸 Pay for carbon neutral shipping to offset the climate impact of the shipment and lessen our carbon footprint? You bet we do! We use an app that calculates it for us, putting our minds at ease for getting our throws to you in a safe and eco-friendly way.

💌 Elaborate shipping packages made from virgin materials? No way! Our minimal packaging is not only recyclable and reusable, but also made of recycled materials. We hope you keep this in mind as the Happy Habitat “unboxing” experience is a pretty simple process.

♻️ Making new thread and then using labor intensive dye processes? Not here! Our threads come from pre-consumer cotton that hits the cutting room floor. Like colors are gathered and spun into new yarns. This not only saves textile waste from hitting the landfill but also gives the fibers new life!

There is usually an earth friendly alternative, sometimes you just have to pause, look at all the options and make the right choice!

Here's to our awesome Mama Earth - let's show her some love by picking what puts a smile on her face!

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