GREEN is the new black.

Just kidding. Nothing could ever replace my sacred black. And truth is I might be a little more into the 'green' as in eco-conscious green rather than the color, but as with all colors, I do love it and that to me it represents growth and life which is motivating and inviting. I've rounded up a few of cool green gifts, all have some aspect of being good to Mama Earth. 

Some green GREEN Gifts that you can feel good about giving:
green gift guide


Mini Brush / Dustpan Set 🌱✔️♺

Life is full of little messes, for me- all day and every day. I have this in black and use it all the time. I use it on my table top and kitchen counters almost every day. Here's the cool part, it's made of Bamboo and recycled plastic! I know a little bit weird to gift someone something that cleans, but trust me, they'll appreciate it! 

Organizing Crates ♺

Stackable and collapsible. You can't have too many boxes, crates and organizers. These come in really fun colors AND.... they're made of recycled post consumer plastic waste (also recycleable too!)  


"We designed and created the world’s first carbon-neutral suitcase - our Aviator. In addition to using upcycled and recycled materials, we offset all of the emissions from sourcing, assembly, shipping, and delivery and include the estimated carbon emissions of the first plane trip with the Aviator (across the US)."

I'm speechless over here. I'll take one of each in black please. 

Reusable Lighter

Stop buying disposable lighters. These guys recharge with a USB port- 1000 lights on one charge. Theoretically it should last forever.  

Monstera House Plant 🌱

You can't go wrong with gifting a plant. You can always find a place for some green and plants convert carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen so, they can help to lower carbon emissions Shop at your local nursery to not counteract the good you're doing by putting out transportation emissions. Here are some houseplants with high cool factor (IMHO):

1) Fiddle Leaf Fig- I know, sounds like old news, but they still reign as showstoppers in spaces. I've got one I've kept alive for at least 5 years.

2) Monstera- substantial and wild. Currently raising one of these little fellas myself.

2) Rubber Tree- not my personal fave, but tried to make a break through in the last few years, and still trying.

3) Pilea- I'm ashamed to say I killed one of these. They're cute little pieces of art from another world.

4) String of Pearls- weird, and adorable. 

Glass Pitcher 

Beautiful and made from recycled glass. 

Happy Habitat Throw  ♺✔️

We made this one in Khaki for our friends at Golden + Pine. Limited quantities available through them. Recycled cotton, machine wash and dry. I have this one in black.

Our gift guide is inspired by: social consciousness and eco-friendliness. Many are personal products that I have tried and love (✔️) Responsible businesses making beautiful products. Opinions are my own- there is no compensation just sharing the good stuff.


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