How To Say: Get Well Soon + Free Face Mask

I have hesitated to go here. The last thing I want is to be taking advantage of this situation that is our reality right now, so please know that is not my intentions here at all. I have now sent out 6 throws (I’m guessing more that I don’t know about) to comfort people who have either had a loved one pass from Covid or who are currently in the thick of it. A while back, I had my writer friend Amy help come up with some gift message captions: how to say Happy Birthday, Congrats on new baby, etc. with some creativity and style. The words were meant to inspire folks to come up with a fun message to accompany their Happy Habitat gift.

Amy also came up with some messages to accompany a throw for someone who is ill. Our thoughts were mostly people dealing with cancer, or other difficult sicknesses and diseases. I’ve sent quite a few throws to accompany folks during chemotherapy sessions, and to keep them cozy while recovering from various ailments, but obviously can be applied to any illness. I just looked through Amy’s words, and they feel relevant for right now, so thought I’d throw them out there. Not at all meant to sell you anything— the messages are meant for you to take— steal them if you like, or be inspired by the words, and hopefully, best yet, you might even laugh a little, not sure how Amy managed to throw some funny into these, but that’s why I call her the Word Magician. So if you are looking for a way to say I hope you feel better, take a look at some options below. (Have I mentioned that Amy was a writer at Hallmark!?)

As of today, we are sending a mask with every throw ordered, whether it be for yourself or a gift. A little late to the game, but looks like masks are here to stay for a while, so better late than never. (Masks will be sent with throws while supplies last). Made in the USA (by my mom!) from USA organic cotton.

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