How To Say Happy Mother's Day. With Style.

Will you get to squeeze your mom this Mother’s Day? Maybe not. And that pretty much sucks. But keeping Mama safe is the mission at hand this spring! Until you hug again, wrap her up in a beautiful, cozy blanket with style that shows the world she still knows what’s what. 

If you own one of these lovelies, you already know that they have the magical ability to feel weighty and warm when you’re chilled, and magically breathable and cooling when you want to cover up for a mid-afternoon nap. I don’t know how Karrie pulled off that magic, but she did. 

It reminds me of a line from a poem I wrote for my mom years ago: 

Mother magic hands. Cool on my warm forehead, warm on my cold back.

Yeah, these blankets have that mother magic that your own mom deserves. And once you choose a design that feels like the perfect blend of your style and hers, here are a few thoughts to get you started on the enclosed gift message. 

Disclaimer: I was a (marketing, not cards) writer for Hallmark, so all of these captions are (not really at all) basically like getting a card for free with purchase. 

Let’s go. 

Use code YOMAMA for 20% off!

(sale ends Wednesday 4/28 at midnight)

You will be prompted to enter your gift message at checkout. Or hand write your message if you are delivering yourself.

This post is written by Amy Kerr- who is Amy you ask?

And why does she write on Karrie’s website?

Find out how it started HERE and HERE.

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