In Slightly, But Not Hopelessly, Over Our Heads: The Quiz Origin Story

Have you taken the quiz yet?  

This sassy personal shopper has been a big hit on the all-new Possible exception: a few teenagers who told Karrie they “felt judged.” And Karrie seemed to find that entertaining.

So we thought you might enjoy a little behind-the-scenes glimpse into how it came about—and clue you in on the fun ahead. 

As her friend and go-to word person, I’m lucky to have a front row seat to whatever Karrie’s cooking up next. Here’s how this one went:


The website is looking amazing, Skyler is doing an awesome job. It’s clean and simple. But I want to do a quiz. I need your help.




Like a fashion quiz. And I want it to be kinda snarky and fun. And help them choose blankets. Like, legit choose. I want it to really work. 

Ah, now I was tracking. This was going to be like our Perfect Match blog post, only commmmmplicated. 

You’ve browsed through all her crazy cool throws. You get it. Choosing THE blanket can make you kinda sweaty. You can’t go wrong. But did you go perfectly right? If you get overwhelmed, give up, take a nap under your sad throw—well nobody wins, now do they. 

Flash forward to me and Karrie in the studio right off her bedroom, trying to figure out how the heck to make this quiz more than just fun. We were serious about this, and you could tell from the terms we were employing, like “beachy bitch,” “full-on mountain girl” and “dude with style.”

In a break from our usual “sip wine and chat” mode, we had entered “sip wine and pretend we know how to code” mode. 

You should have seen us matching every single blanket with the personal style profiles we’d created, and discussing who would like what. Science, ladies and gentlemen. It was next level. Karrie’s notebook looked like something out of, “A Beautiful Mind.” 

And now, here we are. People are taking the quiz and saying, “I already have one of these, you nailed it!” And they’re purchasing our suggestions. (Karrie texts me these things because positive feedback is our favorite gossip.)

Most importantly, everyone’s having a good time with this little creation. Which is clearly one of Happy Habitat’s Core Values. If Karrie believed in that kind of corporate crap. 

We had so much fun making it. And people like you are having fun taking it. So there are definitely more quizzes to come. 

I can hardly wait to think up what kind of cocktail a certain blanket would be, or what your movie streaming choices say about your personal style. (What corner have I painted myself into?!)

Have an idea we could turn into a quiz? Send it our way. We’re just making all this up. You might as well jump in on it!

I have to add, this quiz idea sums up Karrie to me. She has a way of adding the perfect pop of interest to any room, outfit, conversation—or website. Come back and play with us on the next one!

Which Throw? 

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  • MaryHamilton

    Where can you buy your blankets in Kansas city

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