ORANGE you glad I’m your color guide?!

My mom grew up in Orange California- not Orange County, well actually it was, but the city of Orange. You have to specify it like that or folks think you’re just talking about the OC in general. And back then the city of Orange was in the orange groves and every morning when visiting my grandparents, my grandfather would make me fresh squeezed orange juice. And it was such a treat, and although he's no longer alive, when I get the chance to drink it- it is absolutely still a delicous nostalgic treat for me. You know how some people say, if I win the lottery I’m going to (fill in the blank). Well if I make it big- I’d have oranges from California delivered to me every day for fresh squeezed OJ.  I don’t even know what that stuff is at the grocery store but it is not real orange juice. 

So here we begin our orange guide, with: ORANGES. You guys, fruit is expensive! Gifting oranges is unexpected, useful and healthy. 

Orange Gifts

Other orange gifts that don’t suck:

Juicey Oranges 🌱

Fresh delivered organic oranges once a month, yes please! If anyone has a suggestion of groves that deliver, let me know! 

"We strive to encourage a diverse and inclusive community, available to people from all walks of life." I have this print called "Rise" and it insprires me every morning.  

A colorful punch of cozy recycled cotton to brighten any room. Of course I have one. 

Bento Box

Look cute and organized while ditching the ziplock bags and throw-away packaging. And the cherry on top: made from Recycled PET! 

Stash some of these in your car and skip the grocery store bag guilt.

Optimism Deck- "Cards to elevate mindset and increase happiness."
To be honest, I hesitated including this because I tried to include products that were 'mindful'- with environment included. I was really hoping the cards were recycled or made from some awesome sustainable resource, but couldn't find that, but I think it's important to point out-- we can't do everything- just try one thing at a time. Try looking at the ingredients, try paying attention to where things come from and who make them. Obviously the messaging here is cool and sets forth postive motion- so maybe with that thought, we can encourage more folks to pay attention to things like this. When producing a product- you have choices, you can choose to take some extra steps to have things manufactured with care or you can take a cheap route (not saying that's happening with this product because I couldn't find ahything about it.) but it's something to think about, and as consumers, we should pay attention to.

 Our gift guide is inspired by: social consciousness and eco-friendliness. Many are personal products that I have tried and love (✔️) Responsible businesses making beautiful products. Opinions are my own- there is no compensation / affiliate links, just sharing the good stuff.

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