A gifting color adventure starting with RED

Modern Red Throw
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. The rainbow colors go in that order. I think I knew that before I knew my ABCs. I love how they bleed into one another and am equally as fascinated by how they all connect and relate in wheel / pie format. Can we all agree that it should be called a color pie?! Because the idea of eating colors is a scrumptious dream! 

It’s no secret that I enjoying rolling around in color- so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear we are creating a holiday gift guide based on colors. I’ll be honest - I don’t quite understand the holidays- I guess in my past life, I was an alien and it doesn’t seem to resonate with me- so to motivate / challenge me, I’m using color as my lead to stay true to my views of holidays and gifts- trying to do it with some thoughtful intention. (I know, I’m rolling my big alien eyes at myself rn) BUT- we only have one planet- and we are screwing that up, so even just a little step in the right direction is in the spirit of the holidays, right? So the idea is “Oh hey, I know Talia  loves the color RED- let’s give Talia a gift that she will like- but that also has something a little extra

So here we begin with Red, a foreign color to me- but Talia (my fake Italian persona when I need one) is fiery and passionate and loves red. And although Talia looks like a sexy vixen who could tear out your heart, she’s actually a sensitive empath, and is considerate of others. Let’s see what we can gift her that she will love not only because it's great design, but also is a heartfelt gift, given with thought and intention and will be a 'feel good' gift.  

 Olive and June Nail Polish.

A "7 Free Brand", meaning it's 'clean' and doesn't contain 7 of those nasty things that we can't pronounce. I don't wear nail polish often, but gotta say, I have several colors and it truly does last and easy to use and great color selection. ✔️🧼

Verve Juicer

Made from recycled aluminum- that's just cool, right? And it would look good on the counter, and great story to tell that it's made from recycled materials. Plus: MARGARTIAS. I'll just leave it there. ♺

Oncept Tokyo Sneakers

Small batch 'edits' made with recycled materials. I have a pair and LOVE. They're light-weight, sleek and so damn comfortable. Everything this company does is done with care and thought. ✔️♺

Ecologie Swedish Red Swedish Sponge Cloth

Reusable, compostable clean up- let's take a step towards less paper towels. My sister gifted me one, I dig it. ✔️🌱

Gantri Kero Table Light

Modern design made from plants (PLANTS PEOPLE! That is too cool!) Eco-friendly, innovative modern design. I have a pair of sconces from Gantri and adore them. ✔️🌱 

Happy Habitat Pattern #2 Throw Blanket in Reds 

Made from recycled cotton-  textile waste that would have gone in landfill becomes a cozy throw blanket.  I can absolutely personally vouge for these because I make them and have 100 at my house that have been in service and still at it providing warmth 11 years later. ✔️♺

Modern Throw Blanket

 Our gift guide is inspired by: social consciousness and eco-friendliness. Many are personal products that I have tried and love (✔️) Responsible businesses making beautiful products. Opinions are my own- there is no compensation / affiliate links, just sharing the good stuff.

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