New Throw, New Hope.

Be part of something important. By choosing our Doves for Peace Throw, you are joining us in the fight to end gun violence.  

As a result of the recent reckless shootings at the Superbowl Celebration Parade in my hometown, we've designed a throw blanket to promote Peace. $50 for every purchase of this throw is donated to the largest gun violence prevention organization in America. The data and research shows that common-sense public safety laws can reduce gun violence and save lives-- that is some positive hope and a cause I want to support. 

Keeping with our Happy Habitat aesthetics, we designed a modern origami-style throw blanket in a Dove pattern to not only brighten your habitat, but also brighten our spirits. The Dove is a universal symbol of peace and we all deserve to live in a community where we feel safe to go to a parade without the fear of being shot.

The Longer Back Story:

Last year I set a goal of adding a product page to my website to feature throws that give to charity. I've done this in the past, and I wanted to get back to doing that because it just feels good and right. 2023 came and went without accomplishing that goal, so I added it to 2024's list, and had some specific causes, one being Stopping Gun Violence. It's become something that has given me more anxiety that I ever could have imagined 10 years ago. The Gun Violence in America is something that has me seriously thinking about moving to a safer country. I am a positive person, and I try to not live in fear or make decisions based on fear, but having children now that are out in the world on their own, I now have concern for their safety and my own in public places or even at school.

So the recent events in my hometown of Kansas City have prompted this goal to the top of my list, to act immediately. On Valentine's Day, my daughter, my sister, niece and nephew and too many friends and loved ones to count headed down to Union Station with over one million others to cheer on The Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. My daughter's school district was closed that day so that kids could attend the parade. I never imagined I'd be calling and texting everyone I know to make sure they were safe and they weren't one of the injured.

As I write this, the information presented in the news is "Twelve people allegedly brandished guns and at least six fired shots during the mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl rally, according to federal prosecutors. One person was killed and 22 were hurt when gunfire erupted following a dispute at the Super Bowl victory rally on Feb. 14. About 1 million paradegoers were expected at the celebration, and the shooting sent terrified Chiefs fans running for safety." 

I know myself and everyone else is asking: how did that many people (including juveniles) get a gun, why did they have semiautomatic guns, why would someone bring a gun to a public parade, how is it even legal to have a gun in a public place, why why why? Well, I guess none of it really matters-- we just know it did happen here. And if it could happen here, it could happen anywhere. 


So in an effort to do something positive in the face of this recent violence, we are doing what we know best to do: designing a throw that I hope you love and donating to a cause that is making progress to end gun violence. Together, we can make a difference, one throw at a time.



Due to a recent legal notification from the original recipient of these donations, we have had to remove their name. Keeping to my promise, I will still be donating, but it will be a personal donation and kept private. The notification stated that donating a portion of my sales “can create what is known under state law as a commercial co-venture or a charitable sales promotion. Commercial co-ventures are highly regulated under state law and could require extensive registration and reporting for you in various states.” And they requested to not use their name in connection to my promotion. 

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