What's in your Linen Closet?

Calling all textile lovers--- I want to know... what are your favorite linens? Sleep, slumber and sweet dreams are priorities for me-- and I love the feeling of slipping into a well dressed bed. I'm sharing some of my favorites here that are on rotation at my house, but I'd love to hear from you! What do you like to pair with your Happy Habitat Throws? In the spirit of sharing the cozy, drop a note below and tell us what's in your linen closet.

Linen Closet Favorites
Currently loving: 
    • Bed Thread Linen Sheets (shown here in Tumeric)
    • Cultiver Linen Sheets (shown here in Dusk)
    • Cultiver Cedar Stripe Sheets-- okay, I'll be honest, I do not recommend these and have them here as backup sheets. I love my solid Cultiver Linen Sheets, but for some reason, the striped ones are thinner than the solid, and it also seems to shed fibers. 
    • Sheet Society Recycled Linen Sheets (shown here in Eve Original Stripe)- thick, heavy and breathable- super high quality. These have a structured men’s suit vibe, but are relaxed soft in their femininity at the same time.
    • Plover Organics Sheets (shown here in the Circle Round pattern). The perfect small scale pattern to mix with bolder patterns. 
    • West Elm Quilt (old and just getting better with every wash)
    • French Towel (I know this is ridiculous but sending you all the way to the St. Tropez to the Place des Lices Market) I have like 10 of these and like to use them as table cloths, picnic blankets and summer weight blankets. Buy the double wide ones to share or to use as a lightweight bed spread.


  • tabitha

    Boll & Branch signature sheets are my go-to! Crazy-soft! And with an Happy Habitat a super bonus!

  • sarah

    Linen anything also! My new faves are from The Citizenry.

  • Geneveve

    Can’t live without linen sheets lately! My faves are bedthreads and Brooklinen!

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