Mindful Gifts in Lilac & Lavender

Making our way through our responsibly made rainbow gift guide and next up technically is purple. Purple feels a bit garish to me, but lilac and lavender are a breath of fresh air- they even evoke lovely floral summer scents. It's probably last on the list for most people, but I'm digging it as a modern crisp accent. So let's see what we can gift in lilac and lavender!
I've said it before, but saying it again- stop buying single use bottled water. 

Leah Singh Pillow ✔️🌱♀

I try to pay attention to whom I'm buying things from. When I hit a website, I always go to the About section looking for who the 'we' is, and always hope for a name, photo and just a little bio about the person. I had my eye on Leah's pillows and when I got the chance to meet her at Shoppe Object in person it just made me so happy to learn how lovely she is. Not only is she strikingly gorgeous, she was so sweet and humble and just genuinely kind. I am now proud owner of I think 4 pillows and feels extra special because she's equally nice as she is talented! Her environmental perspective: " She uses only natural materials which are responsibly sourced and processed. The product packaging is the bare minimum- no tissue, no hang tags, no frills. The poly bags are made with rice and potato starch and are biodegradable." 

Of course I'm going to include HH in every single gift guide. Because they're colorful, responsibly made and crafted of recycled cotton. Yeah, I own a few.

I don't look good in beanies- but you might. And if you do, grab this one made from recycled merino wool! So many colorful options- hats in every hue made for you!

Travel Containers  ♺  🌱

Anything that organizes, contains, simplifies and unifies, I'm into. Add in some color and geometric shape, and I'm sold. The super bonus: each Capsule is 50% recycled material, crafted with a unique blend of recycled ocean-bound plastic and material scraps.
I met the nice folks at Los Pablanos a few years ago and am now a faithful user of their lavender salve. Truly softens hands in the cold Kansas winter, super thick and smells delicous. (You know I had to keep the pic in the color scheme, but the packaging as nice as the actual product.) Wanting to get to there to see the lavender bloom this summer!
Pipe ✔️🌱♀

I met Riley, the owner of Wandering Bud, and her cute mom at Shoppe Object this year-- she had photographed her goods with one of my throws- and as it turns out, she's from KC, and was just super cool and nice and her I loved her designs. As she puts it, she makes: "handmade ceramic smokeware that doubles as art for your home." Functional art: I can relate to that! Missouri friends- perfect timing on this!

My friends Morgan and Carrie make these, and I can't say enough awsome stuff about them. Good people, fun design and reusable! These will help end your single-use napkin habit!

Our gift guide is inspired by: social consciousness and eco-friendliness. Many are personal products that I have tried and love (✔️) Responsible businesses making beautiful products. Opinions are my own- there is no compensation just sharing the good stuff.

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