Sunny Days Thoughtful Gift Guide: YELLOW

Modern Yellow Throw Blanket
Yellow is the color of happiness, hope and spontaneity. Hoping to spark some [responsible] joy and inspiration with this sunshiney thoughtful gift edit on the day of our first ever Black Friday! 
Colorful Yellow Gift Guide
Cute Cooler 🌱♺

Who can't use a cool looking cooler? And this one made from natural cotton and recycled PVC 

Every designer / new home owner / vintage shopper should have one these in their bags! And get this: it's made of PLA — 100% fiber waste called polylactic acid, which is made from fermented plant starch such as corn, beets, or sugar cane. It is 100% biodegradable and contains no plastic!  

This one currently resides in my basement. Made of recycled cotton, and easy to throw in the wash-- it holds it's own in the teenage hang out room! 

Fun Yellow Light

I want Gantri lights for every room! Currently have 2 sconces in my bedroom, but need to insert some colorful ones in my house too. Made from "Gantri Plant Polymers, a new generation of sustainable, plant-based materials that function like plastics without negative environmental impacts." This gets me excited and hopeful for the future! 

"The original, easy-to-play question card game that cultivates relationships by engaging friends, family members, couples, or even those who have just met in deep and meaningful conversations." YES, PLEASE! 
And the bonus: thoughtfully manufactured of 100% recycled, biodegradable, FSC certified paper! Woot woot!  
(Side note: I can't say this outloud without singing Paolo Nutini's song Rewind-- anyone else?)

Linen Sheets 🌱 ✔️

I only have hemp and linen sheets on my bed these days. And because sleeping is one of my favorite pastimes, I induldge in having a few sets to rotate. Currently on my bed is this tumeric one.  
Why Linen you ask?
"100% French Flax linen keeps you comfy year-round and only gets better with age. This premium, all-natural fibre regulates your body temperature and boasts incredible tensile strength (30% stronger than cotton, in fact). Plus, it needs far less water to cultivate and is an entirely renewable, biodegradable resource. And because Bed Threads is 100% carbon neutral, you can feel good about your eco-friendly choice every time your head hits the pillow." I concur. 

"Guided pages for taking a moment to be in the present." I gotta believe the world would be a better place if we all took the time to do this. I have the journal, just gotta take the time to slow down and engage. Inside and outside thoughtfully made from 100% Recycled materials. 

Our gift guide is inspired by: social consciousness and eco-friendliness. Many are personal products that I have tried and love (✔️) Responsible businesses making beautiful products. Opinions are my own- there is no compensation just sharing the good stuff.

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