Rainbow Round Up Good Gift Guide

Welcome to our final gift guide! Thanks for coming along this colorful journey inspired by: social consciousness and eco-friendliness.

We've gone full rainbow for you in our largest guide yet...
Colorful Thoughtful Gift Guide

Recycled Glassware ♺  ✔️

I'm slightly obsessed with colored glass-- I've got all shapes and sizes and colors, but these are the only ones made from recycled glass, and I feel good about that!

Cloth Napkins ✔️ 🌱

100% cotton. Ditch the paper napkins for happy hues and the circle shape makes for fun folding options! I have 2 sets of these and love the endless color combinations you can make!

Arch Eco Throws ♺  ✔️

Can't make a decision on a pattern? We got you covered! Subtle texture creates a soft thick snuggle blanket made from recycled cotton. One in my basement, one in my living room, and in my bedroom currently!

Striped Candles

Fair Trade made, hand poured in Indonesia, no animal dervived ingredients, 100% Stearin wax, Pure Cotton Wick (lead and metal free), , Ecologial coulour dyes, paraffin free.

Handmade Soy Sauce Dipping Bowls  ✔️

We talked about gifting art in our last gift guide--- and saying it again. Supporting a small independent maker is what this is all about (I can relate!) I connected with Jess on Etsy and she made just the right size bowls in a rainbow of delicious colors. It's a win / win to receive something hand crafted just for me (yeah, I gifted myself a set!) and support makers too!

Colorful Eco Throw  ♺ ✔️

Definitely a top seller-- and that makes me happy!

Bamboo Plates  ✔️ 🌱

Bought about 60 of these for my big birthday party-- and I give them 5 stars! Colorful bright hues and patterns, unbreakable (great for kids or parties), reusable-- yes yes yes! See them styled up for outdoor sushi dinner below!

Chopsticks 🌱

Made of bamboo-- and meant to be used and reused. Skip the reusable ones they give you at takeout. 

Glass Straws  ✔️

Easier said than done to ditch the plastic, single-use straws. You have to remember to tell them NOT to give you straws. My daughter is all about NO STRAWS--- and even though we have glass, and metal it's hard to think to tell carryout food places not to give them to you! But-- we all start where we can. Personally, it helps me drink more water just because they're fun and colorful. (I can't remember where I got these, but you can find them online and in stores!)

♺ ✔️

Want to occupied while snuggled up in your fave HH throw? Grab a puzzle! My dear friend and her daughter started a puzzle biz-- the idea was to feature local artists, and I was a lucky first round artist. Grab 'em while they last! Oh-- and in case you were wondering: they're made in the USA using recycled and biodegradable materials and soy-based inks. 

Eco Scrubby 

You'll be forgiven for gifting a cleaning item because the colors and eco-friendliness make you forget you're even cleaning. Made from recycled cotton. 

Straw Laundry Basket 🌱 ♀

Wrangle your toys and laundry while supporting women in Ghana. Made from Elephant Grass-- products sold from this cmpany provide income to help women send their children to school.

Threw a little late fall sushi dinner party and I guess the notion of Covid stuck with me and thought it would be best served outside-- so fun to add some colorful throws to the mix since it was chilly!
Some of my fave products included from above gift guide were used...

Cozy up with a throw blanket and puzzle some throw blankets! 

This concludes our gift guide-- gifts given with intention and care.
Missed your fave color? Catch up on the full spectrum:

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